Highland Park Strong T Shirts

Good country Park entrepreneur Frannie Karlin said her heart is weighty simply contemplating the casualties killed, and the kids impacted by the current week’s misfortune.





“It’s terrible,” she said. “I mean we work with kids consistently and just to feel that this happened to every one of the children locally — it’s horrendous,”

She realized she needed to effectively uphold her local area.

“My mother shared with me today, ‘you know, you’re continuously active for the local area’ and I said ‘well they were there for me too when COVID occurred’ and I didn’t think I planned to make it they were there for us,” she said.

She’s currently making and selling ‘High country Park Strong’ shirts, and is giving 20% of the returns to help plan and convey dinners to people on call and the groups of the casualties in the result of the misfortune.

Occupants inspired by the shirts can visit Glamor Girlz Central to submit a request, and Karlin told NBC 5 the reaction has been overpowering.

“It simply makes me exuberantly pleased that everyone is attempting in their own specific manner, anything that exceptional way is making a shirt or an arm band anything that it is everybody is attempting to offer in return,” she said.Highland Park Strong T Shirts

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